Hennie Bezuidenhoudt is the co-founder and chairman of Wealth Migrate, the premier global real estate investment marketplace, possessing more than 22 years of experience in real estate. Based in Centurion, South Africa, he is in charge of strategic planning, due diligence, safety and management of product provider relations for the company.

Hennie has served as managing director, director, non-executive director and chairman in a number of companies in South Africa and abroad. He has 35 years' experience in business leadership and a track record of success based on honesty and integrity.

His ability to articulate systemic problems at national level, has led him to play a pivotal role in the restructuring of the health insurance industry in South Africa, where he was instrumental in developing risk management and cost containment measures for over 20 years.

Hennie began his career as a national executive officer of the South African Agricultural Union, responsible for managing and planning the activities of various agricultural commodity organizations in the country. Following this experience, he entered the financial services space with a focus on applying an innovative risk management approach to the health insurance industry, as well as developing other cost-containing clinical management initiatives.

While advancing his career in healthcare, in 1993, Hennie invested in his first healthcare facility and took over its management, eventually overseeing its substantial growth. Recognizing the real estate investment and development opportunities supported by an increasingly interconnected world, he began investing in global real estate assets more than a decade ago. He recognized international real estate's advantage in diversifying risk and preserving capital in his and other investors' portfolios and supports Wealth Migrate's mission to put global real estate assets within reach for investors around the globe.

In addition to his professional endeavours, Hennie is proud to be an active member of his community, with a particular interest in supporting education. He is a founding member of Centurion Academy, which has developed integrated education models to create centers of excellence, and is also the chairman of several school boards. He remains active in the healthcare sector, and serves as the chairman of Varori International (Pty) Ltd and was a founding member of the Health Management Association of Southern Africa.

Hennie earned his Master of Science degree in agriculture in 1982 from the University of the Orange Free State, graduating cum laude. In his free time, he is an avid sportsman with a particular interest in tennis and golf.


Serving as Chief Financial Officer for the Benchmark group of companies, Johann joined the Benchmark Group in 2012.

As a practising accountant since 1993, he gained extensive experience in new medical developments and managing of medical related practices. Johann is responsible for facility management, budget and accounting processes within the Benchmark Group for current and new developments.

He obtained his accounting degree in 1984 from the University of Pretoria and completed his post graduate degrees from Unisa in 1988. He is currently an associated member of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants. He completed his articles at the auditing firm Fisher, Hoffman and Stride.


Serving as Property Asset Manager for the Benchmark group of companies, Juan joined the Benchmark Group in 2014 as Financial Manager and moved to the current role in 2016.

As an accountant since 2009, he gained extensive experience in the financials, analysis and evaluation of property development and property investment entities.

Juan is responsible for:

  • Management of various functions of the business, includes leasing, tenant administration, risk management, maintenance, management of expenses and income, budgeting, record keeping and reporting, marketing.
  • Overseeing the operations and maintenance of properties to achieve objectives of Benchmark Group.
  • Unlocking the fullest (maximum) potential of the value of the properties. Advise on continuing the present use, on rehabilitation, modernisation or conversion of the property, on restructuring the finance of the property and on the composition of the Benchmark Group property portfolio.
  • Focussing on strategic issues of optimising returns on investments. The decisions are of a tactical nature and often have a risk minimisation angle, finding and exploiting opportunities and at the same time assessing and creating strategies to reduce risk.

He is in the final year of his accounting degree from the University of South Africa and completed his South African Institute of Professional Accountants articles at the accounting firm ACT Solutions. He has also completed various courses related to the property industry and has two full years of articles as a trainee auditor through the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants.


Johann has joined the Benchmark team in 2017 serving as the Development Manager for Benchmark Property Developments.

He has obtained his BSc Construction Management degree in 2000 and completed his Post Graduate studies in 2002 at the University of Pretoria.

Since graduating in 2002, he has held managerial positions in various sectors of construction and development ranging from residential, commercial, heavy industrial and mining on a national and international basis.

Throughout his career, in both South Africa and England, Johann has developed into a strong and committed leader. This ability together with his energetic character, sense of responsibility and hardworking nature, ensures that he meets the demands of delivering timeously. He is capable of tackling problems with a logical approach and has an excellent proven track record of delivering on various projects.

Through his experience gained from previous positions, he has a clear understanding of how to run and manage projects keeping the interpretation and vision of the client and that of other stakeholders always in mind. He has also gained vast experience in the managing and controlling of projects from a contractual, financial and technical point of view in both the private and public sector.

Johann is repsonsible for the formulation and delivering of new developments identified. Furthermore, he is also responsible for the overall maintenance and project management on all existing properties in the Benchmark Group.

A member of the Benchmark Group