Benchmark Property has evolved into a highly respected property investment enterprise, owning and managing property portfolios across Southern Africa.

Our philosophy is to cultivate a strong group of well-managed companies with a commitment to honesty, hard work, excellent customer service and profitability; to fulfil our responsibilities to our employees by continually creating opportunities for their advancement - realising that people are our most important asset and resource; to foster sound relationships with our financiers, advisers, suppliers, associates, and the community at large; and to stand by our absolute integrity as business people.

Our property portfolio exists of both direct acquisition, Greenfield and Brownfield development.

The group's diverse portfolio incorporates interests in the retail, office and industrial market segments.

The group’s core business involves the expansion of its real estate portfolio through Greenfield developments and redevelopment of well- located buildings in major hospital and medical facility precincts.  

The real estate industry is a long term business endeavour which should be approached with patience and diligence.  We aim to build a better future through mutually beneficial partnerships.  Fostering the right opportunities add great value to all, with facilities conducive to healthy and full recovery.

We exemplify a modern South African company – in touch with the realities of an ever-changing socio-economic environment which increasingly relies on entrepreneurial ability, coupled with a pragmatic approach. The group is known for its ability to stay humble in times of success and to stand firm in the face of adversity.

Benchmark Property provides a comprehensive and professional approach to the development of property, as well as project and property management. Rarely is a project regarded too small and irrelevant, or too vast and sophisticated.

Our property development company finds suitable opportunities, qualify these opportunities and deliver on the prospective projects according to the high and specialised needs of the clients, hospital operators and managers.  

Aged care and retirement living are changing globally with focus on meaning and purpose for life after retirement. The Benchmark provides integrated,continuous Age care and retirement facilities care, on a global basis, with a unique approach. View more:

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